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Family Forest School - What is it and Why should you be there?

Forest School means learning about the world in the natural setting of a forest or natural outdoor space with trees.

It is a way of learning through exploration, discovery, (managed) risk taking, problem solving, overcoming challenges, connecting with nature, the self, and other learners.

While a framework may exist to prompt the adventure, the activities are learner led, with support from the Forest School Leader as needed or appropriate.

Family Forest School recognises that this style of learning is not only beneficial to children, but to all humans of all ages.

Family - parents, children, grandparents, auties, uncles, cousins - all attend together and all participate fully.

Adults can attend without children too.

Eveyone learns as a community and becomes a multigenerational Forest School community.

Everyone learns from the 'forest', about themselves, and from each other. It's the way our ancient ancestors used to learn and it connects us to our roots within Nature, providing each of us with a very precious wholeness that is missing for so many in the modern world.

It is completely unlike learning in a classroom or learning in a single age group.

Each participant brings their unique spirit, experience, knowledge, courage, or insecurities.

There is space and time to learn as individuals, pairs, small groups or the whole group together.

Independence, cooperation, communication, collaboration, compromise, team working, confidence, camaraderie, risk assessment, planning, construction, navigation, problem solving, are among the many personal skills that Forest School develops.

Family Forest School is not a one-off, it is a series of regular visits to the ‘forest’, where connections and community are built and strengthened.

Have you ever been to Family Forest School?

Please come along and join in with the fun. You won't regret it.

We’d love to see you there

“amazing experience” “we enjoyed everything” “some very special memories made”

- just a few quotes from previous Family Forest School participants.

At Dalton Moor Farm the Family Forest School takes place at the weekends and during the summer school holidays. Places can be booked on our website.

You can book your places for Family Forest School on the Regular Events Page of the website

It is also possible to organise Family Forest School Sessions on weekdays for groups of home schooling families, or for local schools.

Please get in touch if you would like to set this up.

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