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Marmalade 190ml jar

Marmalade 190ml jar

Our Marmalades are made using unwaxed, organic citrus that we purchase direct from small organic farmers (just like me) in Spain and Italy.

This ensures we know the exact provenance of our fruit, and the money paid goes direct to the farmer, so they can realise the proper value of their fruit.

The flavours are also much better than fruit that is packed and shipped on a larger scale.

The marmalades have a long shelf life and we give them a Best Before Date 34 months from production.

This is the laboratory tested EOL safety check.

We know however that our products are still good for much longer than this, so in the unlikely event you have managed to keep one of our preserves that long without eating it, we suggest using your own senses to check it out, rather than simply discarding it.


Citrus, Sugar, Pectin, Waxy Maize, Citric Acid.

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