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Dalton Moor Farm, Dalton le Dale, Seaham, County Durham, SR7 9JY


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How to find us

Vehicle access to the farm is from Truro Avenue, Murton.

Use SR7 9LD to get you close. This is a bit confusing as St Ives Place is on the South side of the same road as Truro Avenue is on the North side.

There is a big tree at SR7 9LD on the St Ives side of the road. Our lane comes off the main part of Truro Avenue to the North, almost opposite the tree.

Our own postcode, (SR7 9JY) for most 'sat nav' systems is misleading and directs to the north of the farm, from where there is no vehicle access.

Access on foot can be from the North, East or South along various footpaths from Murton, Seaton, Dalton le Dale and surrounding villages. Some of these paths are suitable for bicycles too.

We have bicycle parking at the farm.

By bus you can reach us on the 61 bus to Truro Avenue, then walk a few hundred yards down our lane.

61 bus intersects other routes at Dalton Park Shopping centre, or along Church Street in Murton.

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