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Cup Of Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life
Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Coaching - For Health, For the Planet, For the Animals

Are you considering changing to a plant based or vegan diet, but not sure where or how to begin?

Are you already vegan or plant based but struggling to know if your diet is properly balanced and providing all the nutrients you need to be healthy?

Are you already vegan or plant based but eating lots of processed foods or have run out of ideas for meals?

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that makes you anxious and uncertain for your future?

Are you concerned about what your family and friends will think or if they will support you?

Transitioning to a whole food plant based diet is healing and protective for our health, makes the best possible individual contribution to reversing climate change, and saves approximately one animal per day.

If you have become shocked by the horrors of animal agriculture and our omnivorous diet, if you want to feel more confident about the planet and stop that pesky climate anxiety, or if you want to sort out your health and stop worrying about your own longevity, Jenny can help and support you to make the journey from pain to pleasure, from the present to your ideal future.

Take advantage of a free 1 to 1 chat with Jenny to find out more.

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