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Off Grid Vegan Weddings
Seasonal Bohemian Weddings
in The Embrace of Nature
at Dalton Moor Farm

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Off-Grid Vegan Weddings

A Wedding for All Seasons
Nature based Weddings & Celebrations at Dalton Moor Farm, in the Embrace of Nature

Allow the beauty of Nature to Embrace You, Your Love, and Your Guests, on Your Wedding Day.

Celebrate surrounded by Fluffy Hedges, Magnificent Trees, and Beautiful Wild Flower Meadows.


We can accommodate just FOUR weddings per year, with one held in each or our four beautiful seasons.

Choose your Season - Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

Choose Your Package - Fully Managed / Use our Supplier List / Plan it Yourself

Choose Your Seasonal Theme

Optional Extras

Flower Crowns / Flower Hoops - Made for You / Make Your Own

Wedding Favours - Made for You / Make Your Own


Special Celebrations - Hen Festival / Stag Bushcraft

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions

Entertain Your Guests

Activities - Crafting, Foraging, Drumming, More ...


Wooden Tee Pees / Bell Tents

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Sustainable Weddings

Dalton Moor Farm is an award winning regenerative vegan fruit farm, with vast areas of rewilded natural landscape. All the crops are grown in a food forest model, working with what Nature provides.

Continuing the theme of sustainability, inclusivity, and kindness to all kinds, Weddings in Nature's Embrace will also be sustainable, using natural and locally sourced materials wherever possible.

All materials, foods and drinks will be vegan. All people are welcome.

We will not include balloons, plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic tinsel, or any other single use plastics in the celebrations as we do not accept these onto the farm.

Weddings in Nature's Embrace are an opportunity to return the favour and Embrace Nature with your love and kindness.

Nature's Embrace: Text
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