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Naturally Beautiful Healthy Hair

While using modern day hair products, we have been focussed on washing and conditioning our HAIR, with scant if any attention to our scalp. However if we re-focus our attention to the health and wellbeing of our SCALP, and help it maintain a healthy happy balance of pH and hormones, our hair will automatically be in good condition

For years have been encouraged to buy more elaborate and more expensive hair care products, through clever marketing. There is a whole range of shampoos and conditioners targeted at solving all manner of hair or scalp problems. But what if those products are actually the cause of most of the problems?

While these shampoos and conditioners are described as ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ or ‘good for us’, like most of our personal care and household products, they contain all manner of chemicals, many of which are unnecessary and also harmful. Harmful to us and to the environment.

These chemicals alter the balance of our hormones and the pH of our scalp and they make our hair greasy or dry and can cause scalp itching and dandruff.

But there is a better way, and all without using shampoos or conditioners, just using natural herbs foraged from your surroundings, or straight from your garden, along with some inexpensive store cupboard ingredients. all simply prepared, to care gently and naturally for your scalp and your hair.

There is a transition period, with various stages (none of which are difficult), to get from the old commercial products to complete new balance, but when you reach that new balance, you will be amazed at how little care (or interference) your hair actually needs.

For the price a a single haircut (or less) you can learn the secret to healthier scalp and hair with no need to buy shampoo or conditioner ever again.

Are you ready to take the first step to freedom?

Join me at the Natural Herbal Haircare Workshop on 7th November 2021

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