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Orchard Star Apple Juice

Did you know that our very special, home grown, hand pressed, 100% pure apple juice won a Great Taste Award (Star) in 2018?

”A rosy coloured apple juice with a lovely aroma of apples and a delicate nose”

”A great balance and combination of sweet and acidic apples which gives great taste that has complexity and depth”

”This is a grown-up juice with lots of almost cider-like notes pushing through”

”A great combination - very refreshing and would be even more so with sparkling water to make this a longer drink”

Apple juice produced commercially, can have as little as 20% actual apple juice, with the rest made up of water. Dalton Moor Farm Apple Juice is always pure juice with nothing added or taken away.

Even our AQUAs, which are deliciously refreshing mixtures of fruit juices and water, have over 60% juice content!

Enjoy our Apple Juice straight - Wow!

Enjoy our Apple Juice as a Cocktail or Mocktail - fabulous teamed up with Elderflower Syrup and Gin for example, or with Elderflower Syrup and Sparkling Water

Or, to the Apple Juice add a Sprig of Mint, a few slices of Cucumber, some sparkling water and ice\

Or how about freezing some apple juice in an ice tray or bag, then popping a few cubes into sparkling water for instant cooling on a hot day?

Hint - you can do this with our fruity or flowery syrups too!

You can get your hands on our juice from our farm shop or online from the website,

or you can purchase from other retailers and cafes

- Discovering Durham, Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, Durham

- Kaffeehaus Amadeus, Lanchester, Durham

- Flamingo Bar and Cafe, Seaham Marina

- Good Apple Cafe, Sunderland

- Lickity Split Creamery, Seaham

Coming soon from our shop - refillable bottles - watch this space for updates.

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