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BBC Countryfile January 2022

We were delighted at the very start of 2022 to welcome the team from BBC Countryfile to the farm.

Apparently it was our Name on our Google Balloon that drew them to us, so well done Google maps 😀👍

and our website clinched it, so well done me for creating it - it was worth all the brain stretching and trial and error to work out how to build it 🤣

Matt Baker was the presenter during the filming and we had a really good laugh Wassailing the orchards 🍏🤣

Hopefully we’ll get a great crop of apples 🤞🍏

I was especially chuffed that Matt Baker liked my ‘Bee-Free’ vegan HUNNY and validated its honey-like flavours.

‘Made by Me, Not by Bee’

🐝⬅️ Free Bee

The publicity and the resulting orders were a welcome boost to the business.

Needless to say, on the night the programme aired, the website and web-shop went wild. 😁There was so much ‘bonging’ going on that I couldn’t really hear the tv or take the programme in, so I watched it again on catch up the next day, in between packing up all the orders.

I thought the team had done a good job.

On another note I was thrilled to have my tiny vegan fruit farm featured on a programme that more often features much larger traditional farms.

The programme barely scratched the surface of what we do here however, but there’s only so much you can squeeze into 6 minutes, and it did convey the relaxed, fun and joyous atmosphere pretty well, and it showed just a few of our wonderful fluffy wildlife hedges 🌳🌳🌳

If you decide to watch on i-player - it’s the Durham Heritage Coast episode, and we’re in the last 10 minutes, after the weather report.

I’m going to try to get it onto the website somehow but success is not guaranteed … 🤣

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