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Learn foraging here at the farm.

Join Jenny for a 3 hour stroll around the farm to find dozens of interesting plants - meet them and eat them 😋🌱

Jenny will tell you all about foraging safely, sustainably and legally. Also the reasons to forage and benefits of foraging for food and healing plants.

You will learn how to identify a series of edible plants, their preferred locations, seasons and their characteristic features.

Jenny will explain to you how to harvest and prepare or preserve them.

You will learn about the plants’ traditional medicinal and other uses too.

At the end of the walk you will be able to confidently choose two or three plants to get started with on your own new foraging journey.

The Foraging Walks for 2022 take place every month from February to October.

The first walk is on 13th February and would be a really nice thing to do with your valentine 💚🌱

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