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Full Moon Fire Circles

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

We had the first Full Moon Fire Circle of the year on 17th January 2022.

The January Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon.

The date also happened to coincide with old twelfth night, which is when the orchards are traditionally Wassailed.

We joined in a wonderfully supportive and healing circle around the fire - truly magical, with love and community filling our hearts - under the beautiful light of the Full Moon.

We shared poetry, stories and quiet meditations, and while in the sharing circle, and with support from the flames of the fire and beautiful ‘speaking stick’, everyone present found their voice and their courage and strength to speak their truth, while we were privileged to hold space for each other.

Of course, everything shared in the circle, stays in the circle, as this is a safe space for sharing things that may not be, or may not have been, shared anywhere else.

We had some Warm Mulled Apple Juice, and some vegan HUNNY and toast, made with Dock seed flour and other ancient grains.

Then we walked in candle-lit procession through the orchards, with our little drums and chatter, to scare off evil spirits from among the trees and encourage them to grow a plentiful apple harvest this year.

To complete the evening, we re-formed our circle, and we offered positive intentions, or things to release, that no longer serve us, into the fire.

Then holding hands in an endless ring of love, we howled together at the wonderful moon.

We all felt drawn to stay much longer, but the time was up and so, reluctantly, we released each other’s hands, gathered our belongings and walked by candle-light back to the car park.

Moon phase rituals have been practiced for millenia. The connection between our daily Earthly lives and our Moon is a strong one, with her influencing us in many ways and especially through her pull on water - water in the oceans and water in our bodies. It can feel very refreshing and healing to celebrate with our Moon, creating a genuine sense of connection to our spiritual selves, our environment and each other.

We will be holding Full Moon Fire Circles at each moon cycle throughout 2022, with each one focussed on its own season.

It would be really lovely to have you join us 🌕🔥🕯❤️‍🔥

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