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Fun with Herbs and Essential Oils

Yesterday morning I realised I needed to make some more toothpaste, and we were a bit short on soap bars too, so I set about gathering up the ingredients and got to work.

First I mixed the ingredients for my toothpaste and set them to mingle on top of the AGA.

Then I decided what aromas and herbs/ flowers I wanted for 10 bars of soap.

I chose Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang, Rosemary and Evening Primrose for the essential oils, Chai spices, Rose petals, Dandelion flowers, Elderflowers, Nettle and Buck Wheat Bran for the ‘herbs’.

It’s a bit messy, but very satisfying to make your own personal care products, and it's definitely less costly and better for you and the environment, as you can choose to omit all the unnecessary chemicals added by others.

Keep a look out for workshops appearing on the events pages, to make these and other products, if you would like to have a go too.

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