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Newt Ponds and Facebook Live 5th May 2022

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

It has been a lovely day today and I did a little tour of the farm this morning to visit the three new Newt Ponds to see how they are getting along.

Now bear in mind I only finished digging these three ponds last week.

I’m very excited to see how they develop.

So far there is a reasonable amount of water in two of them and just a little puddle in the third, but if there’s more rain, and let’s face it, May generally brings quite a bit of rain, they should all fill up quite nicely.

The first life forms turned up in Pond 1 a couple of weeks ago in the form of Pond Skaters.

I also spotted a tiny dark speck of a thing scurrying across the bottom in the silt underwater - no idea what it is.

A bit later this morning I took some wild flower seeds to spread on the damp bare soil banks near to pond 1, to give Nature a helping hand with her re-greening of the disturbed areas. I figured that after rain was next best after just before rain, which I had missed 🤣

The dogs came out with me to help and were enjoying themselves variously climbing over the muddy heaps, lazing on the grass in the sunshine or bouncing around.

Pictures of all three ponds from this morning are here.

I’ll add a link here for you to watch a Facebook Live video I recorded, which was a hoot due to an unexpected extra life-form in the pond.

If you want a giggle, take a look.

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