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Northumbria Business Clinic

The Business Clinic at Northumbria University, established in 2013, is a year-long education/employability module for final year undergraduate and Masters’ students.

Students are supervised to produce a consultancy report addressing a real business problem/issue. Students form a ‘firm’ and work as a team, to provide free advice for organisations.

Dalton Moor Farm was lucky to work with two groups of students from the Business Clinic in 2020/21. The projects and reports the students completed were really impressive and most helpful to us as a business.

It’s especially helpful to have young people take a look at the business, as they bring a fresh perspective.

All the students involved in our two projects graduated successfully 😀👏👏👏

Steven Harmer from the team JESK Solutions, who has graduated with a first, said:

“Working with Dalton Moor Farm was an amazing opportunity. I am very grateful to both the business clinic and Jenny for providing the opportunity, and very glad I chose to undertake the Undergraduate Consultancy Project. Jenny was an excellent and attentive client, and I hope to see every success for Dalton Moor Farm in the future."

Thank you Steven and all the other students - it was our pleasure to work with you.

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