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There's more to Jam than Toast & Scones

Jam, Marmalade and Syrups are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways in foods and drinks.

Here at Dalton Moor Farm, we like to offer you something a little bit different, so we make the majority of our preserves with a soft set, in order to allow you to get creative.

We want you to enjoy the wonderful flavours of our home grown, pesticide-free fruits without going overboard on your sugar intake, by eating too much at once.

Try our preserves


Ø into porridge for breakfast

Ø over ice cream

Ø over cakes and bakes


Ø into drinks - hot drinks, cold drinks, cocktails and ‘mocktails’, still or fizzy

o for alcoholic drinks try gin, vodka, rum, tequila, brandy, Cointreau, whisky,

o for non-alcoholic drinks try water, soda water, fruit juice, tea, herbal infusions, lemonade, or sparkling wine,

o or any combination of the above that takes your fancy

Ø into cakes and bakes during mixing

Ø into ice creams during making

Ø into sauces, gravies, and soups


Ø over veggies for roasting

Ø over plant-based fake meats (sausages, burgers) for roasting

As filling

Ø for doughnuts

Ø for tarts (you will find they dry out less than a firm set jam during baking, leaving you a lovely soft gooey filling)

Of course, you can still spread our preserves, but you may not be able to pile ‘em high, and that means you can have a sweet, tasty treat without overdoing the sugar.

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